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Damascus, the city of grand history located at the crossroad of Asia and Europe, with its east linked to Arabian Peninsula and west to eastern Mediterranean, has been noted as “Kitchen of the Middle-East.” Its culinary culture gently blends Arabian traditions with Mediterranean trends, artfully weaving the solidity of wild desert and delicacy of blue ocean into unique styles of gourmet dishes.
「大馬士革廚房」由來自大馬士革的台灣女婿所經營,他不僅擁有瑞士HTTC大馬士革分校的廚房暨飯店管理學位,更曾於大馬士革的艾布拉香宮飯店、杜拜的洲際飯店和麥加的巴拉卡飯店擔任行政主廚。於2009年至香港開設阿拉伯餐廳後,OH Food清真阿拉伯料理 在香港不僅擄獲許多饕客的味蕾,更成為港島香格里拉大酒店、香港四季酒店、香港萬麗海景酒店等五星級飯店款待穆斯林特約的外燴合作夥伴。
“Damascus Kitchen” is operated by a son-in-law of Taiwan from the city of Damascus. Graduated from Hotel and Tourism Training Center (HTTC Swiss Damascus Branch)  in Damascus with the majors of Kitchen and Hotel Management, he has the experiences of serving as executive chef in Ebla Cham Palace Hotel Damascus in Syria, InterContinental Dubai in UAE, and Barakat Group Hotel Mecca in Saudi Arabic. After opening his own restaurant in Hong Kong in 2009, OH Food Halal Arabic Cuisine has not only caught lots of gourmands’ taste buds but also become the catering partner of many five-star hotels such as Island Shangri-La, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel for hosting Muslim guests.
After several years of hustle and bustle in Hong Kong, this son-in-law of Taiwan decided to move to his wife’s second hometown——Hualien, Taiwan, in pursuit of better quality of living. By bringing the gourmet dishes of Damascus to this beautiful island——Formosa, he looks forward to sharing this exquisite and unique exotic cuisine with the gourmands in Taiwan.
身為虔誠的伊斯蘭信仰者,他不僅所有料理皆奉行伊斯蘭教法對飲食的規定,其裝潢擺設更瀰漫著伊斯蘭文化的神祕色彩,且為方便穆斯林朋友安心享用精心準備的餐點,店內還提供小型禮拜室讓大家使用,就算美食當前也不會忘記去崇拜  阿拉。
As a religious Muslim, he unquestionably follows the Islamic rules regarding diet in both cooking and serving. Moreover, he has decorated the restaurant into a space pervaded with mysterious atmosphere of Islamic culture which will definitely catch your breath as soon as you step in. In addition, a small prayer room for Muslims is equipped for them to worship Allah while enjoying the delicately prepared food.

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Damascus Kitchen

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