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97364花蓮縣吉安鄉福興路18613 03-8545455

97364 No. 13, Lane 186, Fuxing Rd., Ji’an Township, Hualien County, Taiwan. +886 3 8545455

Damascus Kitchen

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Our Story
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Text Box: 美食精饌 Gourmet
        There is a “Three-No Principle” for Arabic diet—— No-Eating when it doesn’t look nice; No-Eating when it doesn’t 
smell good; No-Eating when it doesn’t taste delicious. For Syrians, well-known for gourmet in the Arabic world, this principle is strictly abided by, which is strongly presented on the standard of materials and culinary ways the owner of Damascus Kitchen has been always keeping.
        In order to provide Taiwan gourmands with the richest and freshest feasts, Damascus Kitchen offers only menuless set by at-least-one-day-earlier reservation. Based on decades of profound experiences and unique expertise of culinary arts, he is going to transform the freshest materials of the day into the prettiest cuisine of the season.
        每份餐點均包含 冷盤開胃菜(2盤)、熱盤開胃菜(2盤)、創意主菜(2-3道)、阿拉伯烤餅、阿拉伯香料飯、特製餐湯、阿拉伯甜點、中東特調飲料、當季有機水果。
        Every set includes cold appetizers (2 kinds), hot appetizers (2 kinds), creative main dishes (2-3 kinds), Arabic bread, Arabic style rice, soup of the day, Arabic desert, Middle-East style drinks, and organic fruit of the season.
        Damascus Kitchen completely follows the rules of Islam in diet; all the food and drinks provided here are certified as Halal by Islamic Association of Taiwan. Halal is not only the guideline for Muslims in diet but also the optimal option for the general public in pursuit of healthy diet.

Rounded Rectangle: 什麼是清真食品?
What is Halal food?