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Damascus Guesthouse

Damascus Shop 

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Damascus Kitchen

97364 花蓮縣吉安鄉福興路18613 03-8545455

97364 No. 13, Lane 186, Fuxing Rd., Ji’an Township, Hualien County, Taiwan. +886 3 8545455

Text Box: 大馬士革是全世界最古老的城市,早在七千年前就具有高度的文明,無論純天然手工香水、阿勒坡古皂及各式各樣的手工藝品,都延續數千年流傳下來的手工技術,不僅品質天然精純、工法技術精煉、而且富含濃郁之文化氣息。大馬士革商鋪銷售從敘利亞空運來台原裝進口的手工製品,由本店向當地工廠直接購買後輾轉空運來台直接銷售,講究健康、品質與品味的你,一定會愛上大馬士革。 
Damascus is the oldest city in the world. Since seven thousand years ago, it has been equipped with grand high civilizations. No matter pure natural handmade perfume, Aleppo archaic soaps, or other varieties of handicrafts, they are products of archaic techniques passed down generation to generation since thousands of years. They are not only natural and pure with high quality, but rich in cultural atmosphere with expertise of handicrafts. Damascus Shop is selling handmade products air-shipped from Syria  with original packings delivered thru various kinds of transportation to Taiwan to be sold here. Someone like you who cares about health, quality, and style is meant to fall in love with Damascus.

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