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        Damascus Guesthouse is located in JiAn Township of Hualien, East Rift Valley of Taiwan. There is a mini forest of Madagascar Almond in the front, where flocks of birds gather together in the morning everyday for choirs. On the left side of the front is a field of ginger lily, which is sending its fragrance thru the wind from June to November.
          Damascus Guesthouse has its themes on the worldwide noted Damascus Rose and Damascus Jasmine. The second floor is Damascus Rose Suite; the third floor is Damascus Jasmine Suite. Each suite contains two double rooms and one shower room.
        While climbing stairs to the suites, the drawings of Damascus rose and Damascus jasmine on the wall will catch your sight right away, making you feel as if you were in a Damascus garden. Following the breathtaking sight is the mind-refreshing smells of Damascus rose and Damascus jasmine. These are handmade perfumes by ancient techniques air-shipped from Damascus. These kinds of perfume which contain no chemical or alcohol can be enjoyed only here in Taiwan.
           Regardless of the cost, Damascus Guesthouse offers organic herbal shampoo, shower gel, and soap with olive oil, laurel oil, minerals of Dead Sea, etc air-shipped from Syria in each shower room. While taking a shower, you are soaked within the natural fragrance of Damascus, definitely making you refreshed and relaxed.
           The decoration of the space is pervaded with the mysterious Arabian atmosphere. You can make a cup of Arabic flower tea and relax on the sofa, imagining that you are an Arabic prince or princess relaxing in the fragrant Damascus garden.

97364 花蓮縣吉安鄉福興路18613 03-8545455

97364 No. 13, Lane 186, Fuxing Rd., Ji’an Township, Hualien County, Taiwan. +886 3 8545455

大馬士革客館是伊斯蘭私人招待所,提供乾淨、清靜、異國且正能量的優質住宿環境We receive only excellent guests who identify with our value.我 們 只 接 待 認 同 我 們 價 值 的 優 質 房 客 with clean, serene, exotic, and excellent accomodations with positive energy.Damascus Guesthouse is a private Islamic Guesthouse providing travelers